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LeoVegas Teams Up with Johnny Vegas for UK Campaign

Publish: 24.02.2017

Canada-friendly mobile casino operator LeoVegas have set their sights on strengthening its global presence and further establishing the reputation as the ‘King of mobile casino’ by teaming up with comedian Johnny Vegas.

Johnny Vegas Joins

Star of the British comedy series ‘Ideal’ and ‘Benidorm’ has been announced as the new brand ambassador for the casino.

As part of the promotional campaign that is launching in the United Kingdom, Johnny Vegas has taken center stage in a new TV advertisement which has been officially released on UK TV Channels on 22 February.

The UK advertising campaign is an extension to LeoVegas’ most recent ‘Find play in the everyday’ operation and it shows Johnny Vegas and LeoVegas lion in a humorous video which explains the beginning of their journey as the company’s brand ambassadors.

It basically is a well-humoured break from the uniformed casino advertisements which portrays Johnny Vegas as someone who is struggling to keep up with his ambassadorial duties, trailing LeoVegas every step of the way in their campaign.

Next-Level Casino Advertizing

Called ‘Double Brand Ambassadors’, the new advertising video is a dynamic and well-conceived video which is bound to be of great benefit to LeoVegas casino.

Casino representatives were delighted to get Johnny Vegas on board as his comedic background adds a different dimension to the marketing campaign.

“We are absolutely delighted to have Johnny with us in our marketing campaign. He’ll definitely help us take the gaming scene to another level”, LeoVegas UK Country Manager Shenley Amin said.

LeoVegas’ brand-new ‘Two Ambassadors’ advertising theme will be channeled through to other areas of the casino’s marketing and social media activities, which are expected to raise the profile of the casino to an even higher level.