Larry's Casino Brings New Looks

Publish: 18.10.2017

Although founded earlier this year, Larry Casino quickly became a popular online venue for a large number of punters around the world. Now, to cope with the rising popularity and the growing number of players, Larry Casino has gone through a major visual revamp.

The update brought some changes throughout the website, and the first impressions are very positive.

New Design

First of all, the changes in design are more focused on the functionality of the website and are far from being purely cosmetic.

Lary Casino now has a completely redesigned landing page, where the visitors will be greeted by the casino’s mascot, the well-known Larry Laffer, the main protagonist of the Leisure Suit Larry series of adventure video games, published by Sierra from 1987 to 2009.

The landing page is now more focused on the unique features and sign-up details, while the entire Game Section offers a personalisation option, a neat new feature that will enhance the overall user experience and offer a seamless navigation around the site.

More Customization

Thanks to the improved functionality, players are now able to tailor their own bonus, while all necessary information on it can be found in the My Rewards section.

This particular option demonstrates the how committed the casino is to offer the very best service to its customers.

Larry’s World section brings an adventure of its own, and represents the casino Loyalty Points area, offering more prizes and rewards to the players. Detailed information about the mission can be found in a separate section within Larry’s World. Mobile version of the site brings a new and more powerful search games, with sliding displays of new promotions and news.

Be sure to visit Larry’s Casino and check out the new look. See what’s going on in the Back Office, enjoy Happy Hour and many other new things the site has to offer.