Lady Luck Strikes Again in British Columbia With $9.3M Lotto 6/49 Win

Publish: 14.04.2017

There has been yet another multi-million-dollar Lottery win coming from a ticket sold in British Columbia.

Twice in a Week

The Wednesday’s win comes in the same week that the 81-year-old retired grandpa from Burnaby scooped a whopping $25.9 million in the Lotto max draw on 10 March. Marcello Battison decided not to come forward to collect his prize as he needed to make plans with his family and lay a play on how to spend the money.

The multi-million prize will allow him to go on an emotional trip back to his homeland – Italy – after 61 years, but also to help out his five grandchildren and get his wife a new kitchen.

The British Columbia Lottery Corporation announced this week that the new Lotto 6/49 winner got his ticket in Coquitlam and that all six numbers were hit for the jackpot prize in excess of $9.3 million.

Another ticket sold in Burnaby for the same draw picked the bonus number for a win of over $100,000.

And there you have it – three major prizes in a short amount of time for lucky winners from British Columbia.

What are the odds?

The exact odds of winning a Lotto 6/49 stand at 1 in 13,983,816 and we doubt the numbers would be any more favourable for calculating the B.C. chances.

The new $9.3 million winner has 52 weeks from the draw date – which is printed on their ticket – to come forward and collect the reward. The British Columbia Lottery Corporation’s regulations also stipulate that winnings cannot be claimed by trust funds or any other third person.

Upon coming forward to claim the prize the winner’s identity will be revealed for the sake of Lottery’s transparency.