Kippens 52-Year-Old Woman Intends to Go Through Business School Despite $4.2 Lotto Windfall

Publish: 20.07.2017

Myra Bourgeois, the 52-year-old woman from the west coast of Newfoundland will not be taking off from the college business program she started a year ago now that she is a millionaire after a $4.2 million Lotto 6/49 windfall.

Life-Changing Prize

Bourgeois found out on Facebook that someone from her area had won the big prize on 28 June, but little did she suspect it was her. Once she found out about the $4.2 million prize, her life changed immediately as she became one of three winning tickets, splitting a jackpot of almost $13 million.

Myra Bourgeois is a full-time student from last year when she decided to get back to school at the Stephenville College of the North Atlantic.

She is currently halfway through the two-year business administration program and will not be ditching her education dreams just because she became a millionaire.

“I don’t want to leave something half finished, and I would like to be able to walk across the stage with my cap and gown on,” she said, adding that finishing the course is likely to be postponed.

Modest Plans

Bourgeois is not making any big plans for her Lotto jackpot.

Myra is trying to keep it simple and her first aim is to help her son with the mortgage. The 52-year-old woman lives with her son, who was supposed to fly back to Alberta for his next work cycle but will now be taking a bit of time off according to his mom.

Bourgeois is planning to go shopping in New York and to go on a trip to Ontario with her son visit some close friends.

“But I don’t want to make any major decisions right now at this point because I don’t feel I’m in the position in my mind to make life-altering changes,” she said acknowledging that she will not get to do some things she never thought would be possible in her lifetime.