Kamloops Lotto Winner Donates Money to Wildfire Relief

Publish: 27.07.2017

A lotto winner from British Columbia has decided to donate some of his lottery proceedings to the province’s ongoing wildfire battle.

Socially Responsible Lotto Winner

Jason Labby from Kamloops proved to be a highly socially aware and responsible person who decided to grab a portion of his $500,000 he won playing the Extra on the Lotto Max draw from 7 July to help those affected by scored of wildfires across the province.

British Columbia is fighting against a number of wildfires which prompted the Kamloops airport to cancel several flights this week because of poor visibility and smoke hazard.

Air quality around Kamloops poses a high health risk for infants, the elderly and those with lung and heart conditions.

Concentrations of smoke vary on daily basis but are posing a great threat even to thousands of those who were forced out of their homes and to the Williams Lake in the central Cariboo.

Heling Out the Community

Nearly 40,000 people have been ordered to leave their homes as the wildfires scorched more than 1,880 square kilometers of timber, bush and grassland since the wildfire season started earlier in April.

As the province continues to fight the fires, Jason Labby of Kamloops pledged to help out. Jason did not say how much he intends to donate to help beat the wildfires, but there is no doubt that a portion of his half a million prize will be more than helpful.

In addition to helping out the community, Jason Labby intends to use some portion of his windfall to buy himself a home.

Additionally, Labby has set himself a new goal which is ‘to relax more’.