Join In's Battle of the Games

There is nothing like a face off to boost the adrenaline and when it’s two online slot games that going head to head the excitement is almost unbearable.

All of you slot players are invited to take part in this incredible offer coming from, which has prepared whopping $600,000 in cash!

Space Invaders vs Buffalo Blitz has selected Space Invaders and Buffalo Blitz for this epic stand-off which you can gain access to with a $12 cash bet. Good thing about the qualifying bet is that this amount is cumulative, which means it can be made up of multiple stakes of smaller amounts.

There are multiple prizes in store for each player so try your luck as you get to grab one prize draw ticket in weekly draws. has decided to top it all up by allowing each game to get you a ‘double ticket’ for the same $12 cash bet.

This incredible offer lasts throughout the month of March but given there are only two weeks left to benefit from it, we must say you chose the right time to join in as the prize pool is just about to get significantly bigger.


Three weeks of March guarantee a prize pool worth $120,000 each week, whereas the final week of the third month in 2017 will see the prize pool grow double to whopping $240,000.

Prizes have been distributed into seven categories and we are sure that all of visitors will appreciate the fact that number of potential winners has been doubled in the final week of this deal.

  • $6,000 – 4 prizes
  • $1,200 – 18 prizes
  • $600 – 40 prizes
  • $120 – 120 prizes
  • $60 – 200 prizes
  • $24 – 1,000 prizes
  • $12 – 10,000 prizes

Do note that Battle of the Games offer is open to fully registered players aged 18 and above, who have a valid account at

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