Itai Pazner Appointed 888's New COO

Publish: 05.01.2018

Gibraltar-based iGaming provider 888, has appointed the new Chief Operating Officer.

Taking over the role and responsibilities of this position is Itai Pazner, a seasoned veteran of the online gaming industry. Pazner has spent more than 16 years at the company, including a six years stint as Senior Vice-President of the 888’s Business To Consumer (B2C) Division.

Experienced Executive

He will be in charge of everyday operations including marketing, product, and technology development and human resources.

Pazner will join forces with Aviad Kobrine, 888’s Chief Financial Officer and will report directly to Itai Frieberger, the company’s Chief Executive Officer.

Following the announcement, Frieberger said he was delighted to welcome Pazner to his new position. He added this appointment would support 888’s continued growth and development, and stated he was sure Pazner would become an invaluable member of the company’s skilled team.

Speaking of Pazner’s previous engagements at the company, Frieberger commended his contribution to 888’s outstanding growth across international regulated markets in recent years.

Next Step Forward

888 is preparing to enter the next phase of its long-term growth, and this appointment came as a logical move since the evolution of the organizational structure was vital to future development across different verticals and market. The new structure will help in keeping up with the growth of the online gaming industry and driving long-term strategic objectives.

Pazner was delighted to accept this role. He said 888 had a fantastic team of experienced and dynamic executives, who would give their maximum to support and enhance 888’s operational excellence, efficiency, and creativity as the company continued to grow as the global leader in online gaming.

At this point, it still remains to be seen who succeed Pazner as the new Senior Vice President of the B2C Division.