INNOVA Expands Footprint to New Mexico with LT-3 Ticket Dispenser Deployment

Publish: 29.06.2017

The canada-based developer of unique gaming products with a particular knack for state and provincial lotteries – INNOVA Gaming Group – has entered the Mexican market through an agreement with the Red Arrow Bingo Hall in Clovis, New Mexico.

New Mexico Agreement

Under the agreement signed by INNOVA’s wholly owned subsidiary, Diamond Game Enterprises, the total of 60 modified LT-3 break open ticket dispensers will be distributed and deployed to the Red Arrow Bingo Hall.

The deal between INNOVA and New Mexico-based Bingo Hall came into full effect on 15 June and will be valid for the next three years. INNOVA’s LT-3 ticket dispenser is the company’s primary product.

This instant ticket vending machine dispenses tickets while simultaneously displaying the results of each ticket on a video monitor in an entertaining fashion. The latest New Mexico agreement highlight the LT-3’s ability to custom tailor its preferences for a given jurisdiction’s needs which in this case is to provide players with an engaging experience, without a cash-out voucher or accumulated credits.

“This is a significant opportunity for Diamond Game to demonstrate the benefit of its LT-3 for the charities in operation at Red Arrow Bingo.”, Richard Weil, Chairman, and CEO of INNOVA said.

Significant Opportunity

INNOVA sees the New Mexico agreement as an important business growth opportunity. Weil confirmed that the Canada-based game operator will continue to drive forward with its strong deployment growth with both existing and new customers.

“We will continue to generate solid financial performance through the addition of value-added content and features to existing units in the field.”, Richard Weil added.

In other INNOVA-related news, the Canadian company has announced the results from 2017 Annual Meeting of Shareholders during which the nominees listed in the management proxy circular were elected as directors of the company.

  • Richard Weil – 98.83% votes for
  • Paul van Eyk – 98.83% votes for
  • Aubrey Zidenberg – 98.82% votes for
  • Edward Stanek 97.21% votes for