Indiana Plans to Launch Sports Betting in Time for the New NFL Season

Launch of a business should be timed in a way that would draw a lot of customers – that’s no secret.

It looks like lawmakers in Indiana have recognized the importance of choosing the right date to introduce sports betting to customers in the Hoosier State.

That’s why they’re giving their best to get things ready to have the recently legalized sports betting up and running by the time the new football season is underway. If all goes according to plans, sports betting in Indiana should be fully operation by September 1.

Indiana Plans to Launch Sports Betting in Time for the New NFL Season

Looking to Make the Most out of the New Football Season

The new football season, or its regular part, to be precise, will kick-off on September 5. At this moment, sports betting in Indiana will not be ready until mid-September or even later, which could leave the state without a significant portion of wagers on football games.

Sportsbook regulations are currently being reviewed, and according to available information, the whole process should be completed by the end of the month. After that, the work on drafting the final version of the sports betting regulatory framework will begin, and regulators will have one month to make sure the state is completely ready for the launch of sports betting.

September 1 is the earliest date the activity could be launched, and many are optimistic a month will be enough to ensure all aspects of the industry are working properly.

The law clearly says that “a person holding a certificate of authority issued under this chapter is authorized to conduct sports wagering under this article beginning September 1, 2019”, although draft regulation fails to mention any potential launch date for sports betting.

Indiana made wagering on sports legal in May, a year after the U.S. Supreme Court decided to repeal PASPA and lift the federal ban on sports betting. Sports betting was approved at retail locations such as casinos and racetracks, but also at off-site betting venues and open sportsbooks.

No On-Site Betting.. for Now

At this moment, mobile betting options are not available, but market experts believe it could become a part of the offer in the future. The biggest dilemma is whether gambling should be allowed at sporting events. The state’s regulator, the Indiana Gaming Commission, is seriously considering a move to ban on-site betting. Such a ban could be introduced through the use of geolocation technology.

However, the prohibition of on-site wagering could mean a decrease in the number of fans on the stands, who would stay at home or choose to watch a sporting event from an off-site venue where wagering on sports is allowed.

Apart from giving the green light to the new regulations, all sportsbooks doing business in the state will need to be tested before they’re allowed to accept live wagers. This may put some pressure on Indiana’s regulators, but they could still be able to meet the new deadline and get everything ready for the launch on September 1.

We’ll just have to wait and see.