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Improved BCLC Mobile App Now Available at AppStore

Publish: 30.07.2019

British Columbia Lottery Corporation has recently announced it plans to update its official lottery application, and to do so, the provincial monopoly needed a right partner. 

Once again, the Crown corporation partnered with the leading gaming company mkodo, and to the delight of customers in British Columbia, the improved BCLC mobile app would offer premium experience thanks to new options.

Mobile phones have become more than a mean of communication, as they are used for business and entertainment, captivating their owners for hours on end. Gambling companies are aware of this trend, and over the past few years, we have seen they invest a lot of time and money in developing mobile betting apps with an ever-improving range of functionalities. So it comes as no surprise that BCLC wants to improve its mobile offering.

Improved BCLC Mobile App Now Available at AppStore

Creating a Superb User Experience

mkodo is a well-established name when it comes to creating premium mobile apps, with experience in working in British Columbia. The company developed the original BCLC mobile app, so choosing them as a partner in this job was a logical move for the company.

The result of the latest partnership is impressive as it has made possible an important update for the BCLC mobile app.

The app has already gone live, and users in British Columbia are free to explore it and enjoy its improved functionalities which offer a ton of possibilities for punters.

Players can now deposit and withdraw their funds using the app, which will surely give them the much-needed freedom online. But there’s even more, as the app allows the purchase of lottery tickets for both regional and national games. This option will make purchasing lottery tickets much easier, as anyone of legal age will be able to do so without leaving their home.

Updated App Brings Intuitive Functionalities

Many users will be delighted to see they will now be able to purchase lottery tickets using their mobile device. Until now, the app didn’t include the ticket scanner option, but the improved version will enable players to quickly scan their lottery tickets and check whether they have become Canada’s latest millionaire.

This has finally been made possible, and both mkodo and BCLC expect an increase in the number of downloads because of this new option.

The improved BCLC app is a native for iOS, and therefore can be found at the App Store. It should be noted it is compliant with Apple’s updated guidelines which require all apps to be standalone and sufficiently different from a Safari browsing experience.

Commenting on the latest move, Stuart Godfree, Managing Director and co-founder of mkodo said they had launched BCLCs Ticket Scanner app over a year ago, but customers had been regularly asking to have the functionality of easily purchasing lottery tickets via mobile. Godfree added they were thrilled to now be able to offer BCLC’s customers this option and pointed out the company hoped they would enjoy the new experience.

mkodo has extensive experience from working with lotteries as well as betting and gaming companies around the work and has recently become an Associate Member of the World Lottery Association.