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IGT the First to Receive G4 Accreditation

Publish: 19.10.2017

London-headquartered multinational gaming company International Game Technology is the first supplier to receive G4’s Responsible Gaming Certification.

The company received this certification for its land-based casino and lottery technology.

Following the announcement, Renato Ascoli, IGT Chief Executive Officer said the company had the responsibility of creating products that would help its customers offer enhanced protection to players around the world.

Ascoli added IGT prided itself as an industry front-runner, while the latest move only served as a testimony to the commitment the company demonstrated in its activities.

Fighting Problem Gambling

Global Gambling Guidance Group, or G4, operates with a goal to minimise the impact problem gambling has, while its accreditation programme aims to commend those operators and suppliers that implement responsible gambling strategies.

The group consists of internationally-recognised experts in the area of responsible gaming and problem gambling.

The G4 certification demonstrates that a company complies with the group’s requirements of providing responsible gaming tools on its gaming machines and systems.

These tools include a wide array of measures used to control players’ behaviour – from session limits, back office monitoring, budget setting suggestions, self-assessment tests and treatment referrals and to time clocks, wager amounts and reminders for how much time and money has been spent during a session.

Proof of IGT’s Commitment

Member of the G4 Board of Directors Pieter Remmers said IGT had successfully proven its dedication to responsible gaming by offering effective tools in its products that minimise harmful effects of gambling and prevented problem behaviour.

Remmers stated Global Gambling Guidance Group commended IGT for its leadership in this field and congratulated the company for being the first supplier to receive G4 accreditation for its land-based casino and lottery segments.

Founded in 1990, IGT is one of the leading names in the business, offering slots machines and other gaming technology to its customers around the world.