No Hopes for Georgia Casino Bill in 2017

Senator Brandon Beach, R-Alpharetta, the Georgia casino bill sponsor was rather descriptive in his revelation for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, explaining that the legislation that would have allowed casino gambling in the state ‘is dead for the year’.

Senator Brandon Beach’s months-worth work was shot dead in the water despite his efforts to trim down the initial casino plans.

Ambitious Plan

The original proposal for the casino bill proposed up to six casinos and a racing track across the state to be built, although his ambitious design was later reduced to two casino resorts, with proceeds from a 20% tax planned to be funnelled into a series of social activities and related projects such as HOPE scholarships, rural trauma care and hospitals, etc.

Senator did not get enough votes to get Senate Bill 79 out of the Senate Regulated Industries Committee, but is refusing to lose faith and is already starting to put down a plan to ‘crisscross the state’ to build support for the bill in 2018.

“You can tell everyone, like Arnold Schwarzenegger said, “I’ll be back’.”, he added.

Not Giving Up

Senator Beach intends to spend the entire year attempting to educate the state about the casino bill and in order to do so he is announcing visits to local Rotary Clubs and meetings with education leaders, hospital administrators.

In fact, he is willing to approach anyone who is willing to listen to his case in order to gain public backing.

To the contrast of Senator Beach’s efforts, Mike Griffin of the Georgia Baptist Mission Board revealed that social and economic conservatives joined their forces to defeat the bill and prevent it from passing the vote as they both think such a thing is bad for Georgia.

“We can be thankful that legislators during this session have given an ear to understand that the end does not always justify the means and that we can’t always put and should never put money over morality,” Griffin said.