High Roller Suspected of Laundering Millions of Dollars Arrested in Canada

Canadian officials have issued a statement saying an Australian national was arrested last month under the suspicion of laundering nearly $650 million through Australian casinos.

The man, who is suspected to be the mastermind behind a money laundering operations that saw millions of dollars laundered through venues across three continents, was arrested after a surveillance operation.

A Joint Operation

According to a report published by the Daily Mail, Dan Bui Shun Jin, age 55, was detained by the officers of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police at the River Rock Resort in Richmond, British Columbia.

Jin was taken into custody on May 25th, following a thorough surveillance operation conducted by the Canadian authorities in cooperation with their colleagues in the United States and Australia.

The authorities suspect Jin of laundering a little over $650 million using a number of casinos in Australia, Singapore, and Macau. The investigation also revealed an arrest warrant on fraud charges was issued against Jin back in the States. According to available information, the allegations include the laundering of nearly $1.1 million through different gambling establishments in Nevada.

Last week, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police issued a statement, saying Dan Bui Shu was alleged to be an international money launderer with current active investigations on money laundering originating from Australia, the United States, Macau, and Singapore.

At the time of the arrest, the police found over $75,000 in Jin’s room at the Richmond resort, but more importantly, they discovered documents that put him in connection with a number of illicit activities, including a recently discovered scheme to move money through Vancouver International Airport.

The scheme involved a female courier who was arrested upon arrival at Vancouver after Canadian Border Services officers found $25,000 she picked up from a man in Las Vegas.  It was revealed the money was sent to Jin in Richmond.

Preserving Canada’s Financial Integrity

Commenting on the recent activities, Henry Tso of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Financial Integrity Unit in British Columbia said the authorities were proactively deterring money laundering and added the RCMP was committed to maintaining and preserving Canada’s financial integrity.

Supt. Tso pointed out the strong working relationship between the CBSA, CFSEU-BC’s JIGIT, BCLC and RCMP had resulted in deterring money laundering at casinos in British Columbia. He added that only by working together, the opportunities for criminal entities to operate would be eliminated.

Following Jin’s arrest, the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board issued him with a deportation order. In the meantime, he will remain in custody. However, at this moment it’s unclear where he will be reported to, as he is in custody for a US warrant and has dual Chinese-Australian citizenship.

Last year, the authorities in British Columbia launched an independent investigation into the widespread money laundering problem in Lower Mainland casinos.  As a result of that investigation, a report was published, revealing a number of suspicious transactions, including $13.5 million in $20 bills at the River Rock Casino, back in 2015.