More than Half of Georgia Voters In Favour of Casino Expansion

Publish: 21.12.2017

Georgia College and State University have recently conducted a survey which showed that the majority of voters in Georgia support the casino gambling legalization in the Peach State.

According to available data, around 58% of all participants said they would support any prospective casino expansion.

Latest Polls

This public opinion comes as a good news for Georgia lawmakers, who have been pushing for the casino legalization for past several years. According to many, the whole question could once again be in the center of attention.

Those advocating the legalization claim a portion of the revenue generated by the casinos could be allocated for the HOPE scholarship program, established in 1993 as a way of rewarding students with the finances they need to study at colleges and universities in Georgia. At this time, the program is entirely funded by the Georgia Lottery.

The casino expansion, which would include the construction of two casinos in two different parts of the state, could bring additional $600 million into the budget.

Renewed Interest

Early this year, Senator Brandon Beach introduced SB79, a proposal to legalize casino gambling in the state.

The bill calls for the construction of two new casinos, or so-called destination resorts – one located in the Atlanta Metropolitan area, while the location of the second one is not specifically determined. The first project will cost a minimum of $2 billion, while the other one will be less expensive, with a price tag of around half a million dollars.

MGM Resorts International have shown interest in building a casino in Atlanta, as the Las Vegas-based company has been waiting for an opportunity to enter the local market.

Senator Beach’s bill didn’t receive support in the Legislature, though he did confirm he would try again in 2018.