All Hail The King Panda Slot by Booming Games

Publish: 13.09.2017

We are wondering what Elvis Presley would have said if he could lay his eyes on the latest slot coming from Booming Games called The King Panda.

The King Panda

With his legacy stronger as ever, the legendary musician never ceases to receive tribute across the scope of the entertainment industry. The King’s legendary white outfit has become a fashion symbol and it is in the centre of attention with this Booming Games’ slot as well.

A graphical masterpiece with an impressive soundtrack, The King Panda is such an unusual game choice which combines classic online slots elements with modern-game feel much to the delight of anticipating players.

Rich in graphics, The King Panda features 3-reels filled with symbols that include the King Panda logo, a disco ball, a microphone, a golden disc, the big man Panda himself and a couple of Bar symbols.

Dressed in the King’s white outfit with a microphone in his hands, Mr. panda is there to follow you through and to celebrate your wins with you.

Are there any Special Features?

The King Panda is a rather straightforward slot. With only one payline splashed across the middle of the three reels, The King Panda is appealing to all of the classic slot lovers despite the modern look around it.

That being said, the game comes with no special features as such.

The game offers three levels to choose from which cost one, two or three coins. The higher you go, the more you will win. The third level could ideally reward you with 10,000x your coin value which is quite an enticement for all of those players who might not be huge fans of classic slots.

Knowing that you can score big will most certainly be helpful in getting that idea that classic slots are not interesting out of your head.