Hackers Publish Hundreds of Stolen Calgary Casino Documents Online

Publish: 14.06.2017

When a cyber attack occurred at Cowboy’s Casino in Calgary a year ago, the casino management feared the worst.

Cowboys Casino Attack

Twelve months later and their fears came true as hundreds of documents containing personal information of staff and customers, along with the gambling habits and payouts of hundreds of patrons, have been published online by hackers.

It was in June 2016 when information regarding the total of 14,292 patrons got stolen. The Calgary casino alerted Alberta’s privacy commissioner and reached out to all customers who were affected by the incident. Casino management took every step they possibly could to keep the incident out of the public realm, but there were never guarantees that stolen information would ever be deleted.

“Our worst fear is it would become public. And it has.”, General Manager Tyrone Waite.

Last Sunday the information resurfaced on the data-sharing website Pastebin. The leaked information was accompanied by a note, a sort of a warning that hackers only published a small portion of the entire file and that more would follow.

“The computer security at Cowboys Casino was non-existent and all data was ripe for the taking,” the note read.

“We asked Cowboys casino to fix the gaping holes in their system but our request was ignored for over a year.”, it added.

No Further Breaches

Cowboys Casino had no further incidents following the last year’s security breach, but the management assured customers no such incidents will happen again. Tyrone Waite explains that Casino security is being constantly upgraded and that casino staff has been submitted through rigorous training.

Online security remains a huge issue across the gaming industry, and Cowboys Casino has even contacted police over the matter.

Unfortunately, you’re just getting bigger and bigger screen doors,” Cowboys Casino General Manager.