Greg Moore Named as BCLC's Acting President

British Columbia Lottery Corporation has announced that its board director Greg Moore has been appointed as the monopoly’s Acting President, following the departure the company’s President and Chief Executive Officer Jim Lightbody from his position.

Lightbody stepped down after he was diagnosed with cancer, and will be concentrating on his treatment in the coming period.

A Temporary Replacement

His medical leave will also include recovery time, so it was necessary to name his replacement – though an interim one – for the time being.

BCLC President and Chief Executive has stepped down from his position earlier this month, while his treatment has already commenced. According to available information, Lightbody will be absent from the company at least until next year, or even longer, depending on the progress of the treatment.

Moore has vast industry experience and is definitely a suitable replacement. The provincial monopoly is certain he is more than capable of handling the pressure this position brings. Taking this hot seat in the organization’s top structure is not an easy task, but BCLC is confident Moore has what it takes to lead the company.

He certainly doesn’t lack leadership skills, as he previously served as Chair of the Metro Vancouver board – from 2011 to 2018, while also serving as Mayor of Port Coquitlam. He joined the BLCL last year.

Since Moore will only temporarily be appointed to this position, he will still stay stationed in Lower Mainland and will need to travel between the corporation’s offices in Vancouver and Kamloops for the entire duration of his new role at the company.

BCLC Executives Have Confidence in Moore

The appointment of Moore was recommended by the crown corporation’s board of directors, and according to Peter Kappel, Chief of the BCLC’s Board of Directors, the provincial authorities greenlighted the move. Kappel stated the company had every confidence in Moore and pointed out the members of the board would give their full support for Moore as he took over the new position.

Commenting on his appointment, Moore said the BCLC was an important economic driver in the province and added the had every intention of continuing to serve the corporation as well as the communities that it served, to enable the corporation to continue to deliver on its strategies for the duration of the time that Lighthouse was away from the company.

Earlier this month, BCLC introduced its new PlayPlanner budget tool, which should soon be available at every casino and community gaming centre in British Columbia. The newly-launched tool will enable Encore Rewards members to keep track of time and money they spend on gambling while allowing them to set daily limits for slots or eTable games.

BCLC conducts and manages lottery, casino, bingo and online gambling on behalf of the province for the benefit of British Columbians. According to the company’s most recent financial results, posted a couple of months ago, the provincial monopoly had a solid full-year period.