Get Ready for Durian Dynamite, Quickspin's Upcoming Video Slot

The Swedish game studio developing innovative video slots for real money online gambling and free to play social markets, Quickspin, has announced it will launch not one but two new games this month.

The first new title to hit the market on 9th April 2019 is Durian Dynamite, a fun fruit game that brings a whole new take on this familiar theme – a modern take, as the game features 3D graphics, highly volatile gameplay and a huge array of exciting features.

The World’s Smelliest Fruit Arrives on the Reels

Quickspin has proudly pointed out that Durian Dynamite will be its first-ever fully 3D slot, bringing stunning visuals that are sure to captivate players around the world. The list of symbols doesn’t include only standard fruity symbols, such as cherries and watermelons, but also the famous Durian fruit!

This exotic fruit, also knowns as the King of Fruits grows only on the Indonesian islands of Borneo and Sumatra, and is distinctive for its large size, strong smell, with thorn-covered rind.

This exciting new slot game has a number of action-packed features on offer, that promise to give a thrilling playing experience and award neat payouts if you’re lucky enough.

Available features include a middle reel which awards Durian symbols that can multiply all over the screen once they explode, while the Dynamite Wilds feature will definitely blow you off your feet.

There’s also the Bonus Picker round, which will further enhance the overall experience. This interactive features awards 3-6 random upgrades for the Free Spins game. Players can get up to 36 free spins, add more active pay-lines, or get additional ammo which can be used in the Dynamite Wild feature. The Free Spins Bonus round also brings more chances of getting Dynamite Wild on the reels than in the Main Game.

According to Quickspin, this game will appeal to a wide audience of players as its appearance will be appreciated by casual punters, while its high variance is something that high rollers will definitely enjoy.

Looking Forward to New Games

Commenting on the new game, one of the producers said the company had thought the fruit theme would be perfect for the 3D art, the turnaround time and the developer’s portfolio.

That’s when the team behind this game decided to make this slot all about fruit, making it the world’s smelliest slot.

Lucas Johansson, FX Artist at Quickspin stated that animating Durians that were being shot at the reel, cracking up, exploding, and splitting up, was a lot of fun, especially when they got the timing right. He pointed out he had so much fun with these fruits, and added the process with this game had been really rewarding.

Once Durian Dynamite goes live, it will be available in all markets where Quickspin is currently present, including the Swedish market, in which the company went live on January 1, 2019.  All of the fantastic gamification tools in the Quickspin Promote catalogue will be available from day one.

Last month, Quickspin launched The Grand, while the slot titled Tickets to the Stars hit the market in February.