Gambling Regulation Back on Agenda in Wyoming

Less than a month ago, the notion of regulating gambling machines in the state of Wyoming looked like something that couldn’t possibly be achieved. But then, one of the state’s lawmakers decided to take things into his own hands and revive this idea.

Senator Ogden Driskill has recently filed a motion whose ultimate goal is to enable Wyoming’s Pari-Mutuel Commission to regulate gambling machines in the Equality State and help the authorities get more funds for state coffers, especially as the experts say the industry is worth more than $4 million.

Gambling Regulation Back on Agenda in Wyoming

Putting an End to the Current Situation

According to available information, more than 400 unregulated gambling machines are operating throughout the state. So far, no legislation has succeeded in controlling them, and many believe their number will continue to increase unless some form of oversight is introduced. Senator Driskill’s initiative is aimed at stopping this, but also wants to help the authorities get a share of this multi-million dollar industry.

Last month, the state’s Joint Committee on Travel, Recreation and Cultural Resources (JCTRCR) made a decision not to task a single authority to oversee Wyoming’s gambling activities. At this moment, the Pari-Mutuel Commission and the Wyoming Lottery regulate their respective operations, while everything else remains under no form of control whatsoever.

The situation is like this, as some members of the JCTRCR believe that imposing control on the state-level would create an excessive governmental bureaucracy. In the meantime, the gambling machines continue to operate without any oversight from the state, governed only by local authorities.

Senator Driskill pointed out on several occasions that this concept would prove ineffective.
Speaking to The Casper Star-Tribune, Driskill said local control would only work when there was a comprehensive legal framework to work within.

It’s Not About Legality of Gambling

He further said there an unrestrained regulator needed to exist if they were going to do local control with gambling since at the moment local control was only there under the auspices of state-created legislation.

However, Driskill stated wasn’t concerned whether gambling should be made legal in Wyoming or not and added his main preoccupation were the complicated regulations that caused problems from local authorities as they failed to clearly define what was and what wasn’t prohibited.

It should be noted that the JCTRCR and many other politicians in Wyoming do not want to be involved in any gambling oversight on the state-level, we’re likely to see Driskill’s measure find some resistance. Senator’s initiative will have problems in getting the necessary approval, but that doesn’t change the fact that Wyoming needs to start regulating gambling machines as soon as possible.

Just wait until someone loses a substantial amount of moment of the machines.
Gambling laws in Wyoming currently allow some forms of this activity, such as betting on horse and dog racing, as well as Indian casinos in certain cities. The law also permits charitable games, social gambling, bingo and raffles.

Although more than a year passed since the U.S. Supreme Court allowed sports betting, this activity hasn’t been legalized yet.