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Full House Lottery Deals with Another Security Breach

Publish: 28.02.2017

The beginning of 2017 has brought plenty of problems for the Full House Lottery.

Hackers had accessed an email list of people who supported lottery in a security breach which occurred in January, with hackers sending those people emails directing them to fake websites where they were told to buy tickets for this year’s lottery.

Two Attacks in 2017

However, only three weeks later, another security breach occurred as the attackers attempted to compromise the credit card information of up to 3,000 people on 22 February.

Edmonton police are currently investigating the latest cyber-attack on the Full House Lottery, as extra security measures are being put in place to prevent any further attacks from happening.

“We really, truly are monitoring this 24 hours a day to make sure none of these files are being breached or being manipulated in any way,” he said. “We wouldn’t be selling if we felt we were putting people in jeopardy.”, said Franck Calder, Full House Lottery manager.

Calder revealed that lottery supporters had their credit cards make charges card owners hadn’t made with one customer being swiped for $143 and another for $8 in the United Kingdom, although the customers never left Canada.

Lottery Facing a Challenge

Full House Lottery manager also revealed his fears that another attack might happen, claiming that economy-hurt Alberta lotteries might not be able to endure another big hit.

“We really hope people will continue to support us”, Calder continued, revealing that the money raised by the lottery will be invested in buying an early detection cancer scanner for the Royal Alexandria Hospital.

Full House Lottery manager also said that the lottery’s aim is to gather enough money to support the operation of Canada’s first stroke ambulance at the University of Alberta Hospital.