Fort McMurray Man Loses Home, Wins Lottery

Publish: 30.04.2017

Chris Flett from Fort McMurray has gone through a rollercoaster of emotions which led him from utter disappointment and pain to happiness and disbelief.

Life Changing Events

Life-changing events will do that to you and two of those were exactly what happened to this father who first saw his house get swallowed by fire before winning the lottery.

The turmoil started in May 2016 when the fire named ‘The Beast’ forced the total of 88,000 people from their homes. As much as 2,600 dwellings – including Flett’s home – were destroyed.

The 34-year-old business agent with the International Union of Operating Engineers saw his fortunes shift six months later, in December 2016, when he ended up winning more than $400,000 in the Mighty Millions Lottery 50/50 jackpot.

Disbelief, probably a little bit of fear, happy, sad,” Flett says of his reaction to the win.

Home Rebuilt

Good man from Fort McMurray was given wind in the sails in efforts to rebuild his home, whereas he was also able to help out his family – mother and younger brother – who have problems with underinsurance and insurance in general for their respective homes.

Flett and his family are looking forward to settling into their rebuilt home in Beacon Hill later in July.

As an engaged member of his society, Chris Flett has so far given around $40,000 to charities that helped out with the fire disaster and intends to donate even more to help their cause.

His centre of focus has so far been Teen Time of Edmonton, the charity which runs Christian summer camps at a ranch north of Edmonton. Teen Time of Edmonton took in many Fort McMurray evacuees from the fire, including Flett, his fiancée and their wight-year-old daughter Jessica.