Florida to Introduce Warning Signs on Lottery Tickets

Publish: 02.05.2017

Florida legislators are planning to introduce a law that would demand that warnings signs are put on lottery tickets in the future. The bill based on a controversial idea has already split opinions in the state.

While some feel that it won’t make any difference, others think it would raise the awareness on the gambling issue. On the other side, lawmakers are worried such law could be a major blow in financial terms.

Lottery Warnings

The state’s House has passed a measure last week which proposes introduction of six rotating messages on lottery tickets and advertisements. Rep. Jennifer Sullivan, the republican representative, was the one who introduced the bill.

‘Warning: Gambling can be addictive’ and ‘Warning: Your odds of winning the top prize are extremely low’ are some of the proposed messages which could end up being splashed on the lottery slip, same as those which currently stand on cigarette packs.

The warning signs proposition, which stipulates that warnings must ‘occupy no less than 10 percent of the total face of the lottery ticket’, will be in a Rules Committee this week as the Florida Senate has received the formal bill.

The bill says ‘all lottery tickets’ would contain warning signs, it is not clear whether it would also include scratch cards.

Split Opinions

Physiotherapists argue that warning signs could be helpful when it comes to raising awareness. The harsh reality of gambling addiction is what Florinda lawmakers want players to face every time they play, but not all feedback on the proposed bill has been positive.

The great deal of public feels the plan could have a negative impact to available funds for scholarships and public education.

A fiscal analysis of the lottery supports the claim as it currently indicates that consequently less money would be available for public use.

If the bill becomes a law it would take full effect in January 2018.