Florida Hopes To Adopt New Gambling Legislation Before March 9

Publish: 30.01.2018

According to the latest reports, it is unclear whether Florida would succeed in adopting the long-awaited gambling legislation during this year’s legislative session, which ends on March 9.

2017 saw two gambling-related bills reached both chambers of Florida Legislature.

State Legislature Failed To Find A Compromise

The one presented in the state’s upper chamber, the Senate, proposed a massive gambling expansion throughout Florida, while the House proposal was more conservative on the matter, matching the traditional approach taken by the House when it comes to expanding gambling operators in the Sunshine State.

Commenting on the chances of a successful gambling legislation before this year’s session ends, Richard Corcoran, Florida House Speaker, said they were between 1% and 99%. He added the state’s lawmakers have opposite opinion on the whole matter but stated it was possible that they suddenly agree on gambling expansion.

Last year, Florida lawmakers discussed a proposal that would have allowed a massive gambling expansion. However, the two chambers didn’t agree on the approach to the state’s gambling regulation and the negotiations failed.

New Year Brings New Bills

Last week, the Senate presented a new gambling reform proposal. This piece of legislation is similar to the one presented in 2017, meaning it includes provisions that represented an obstacle in reaching an agreement between the two sides.

One of those provisions would authorize race tracks to stop hosting racing events and switch to operating card games. Florida Seminole Tribe was strongly against such a move since it would end the tribe’s monopoly over the card game operation in the state.

The House is preparing its own legislative proposal, which is expected to be revealed in the coming weeks.

Florida voters will vote in November on a proposed amendment that would prevent any gambling reform to come into effect before its approved at a referendum.