Why Don’t People Gamble in Las Vegas Anymore?

Publish: 11.04.2017

Land-based gambling scene is a clear contrast to the online landscape.

On the other side you have more and more people visiting attractions such as United States’ gambling Mecca Las Vegas to have fun and spend time with friends instead of hitting casinos tables and machines.

Drop in Numbers

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) conducts an annual survey on Las Vegas visitors which helps get a clearer picture of the profile of an average person in visit.

The profile usually takes up 3,600 randomly selected people to build all year round.

With nearly 43 million people visiting Las Vegas a year, the officials are keen to get the full grasp on how the people pouring in are spending their money.

A disappointing number reports that 69% of all visitors come to Las Vegas to gamble and that stat represents a 4% decrease compared to the results from 2015. This percentage is explained through an increase in young people visiting the city as up to one third of last year’s visitors were considered millennials – which is a significant increase to 24% from 2015.

The numbers come down to the fact that Las Vegas visitors tend to explore more than just the Vegas Strip as young people tend to look for more exhilarating experiences offered in downtown Las Vegas casinos.

Poker Hit the Most

Poker has been most severely hit by the drop in numbers, but it has little to do with the types of gamblers as Las Vegas has seen its number of poker tables go down by a full quarter with the closing of the Monte Carlo casino.