Days Left for Mystery Winner to Claim $1M Prize

The issue of an unclaimed lottery ticket sold nearly a year ago in the Muskoka area continues to bother Ontario’s gaming public as the time runs out on the winner to pick up their prize.

Unclaimed $1 Million Prize

The Lotto Max MaxMillions draw from 22 July 2016 brought up numbers 3-17-26-29-39-44-48 with the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) confirming that the winning ticket was sold somewhere near Huntsville, Ontario.

Huntsville is the largest town in Ontario’s Muskoka region which is populated with cottagers and campers looking to get away from the Greater Toronto Area. The locals are betting that a forgetful tourist is the likely winner of this unclaimed prize as none of the local residents is in possession of the winning ticket.

“I think it is one of the tourists that came up here and bought it, because otherwise, you would have heard about it by now,” said one man outside a local convenience store.

The owner of the ticket now only has until 24 July at 6PM to come forward and claim the $1 million prize.

Uncommon Occurrence

And while officials from the OLG confirm that it is not uncommon for smaller prizes to go unclaimed, it rarely happens that high-dollar wins go unnoticed. Additionally, the crown corporation states that only 1.2% of the prizes were not claimed by their winners in 2015/16 season.

“It’s quite rare that we see a big prize, like $1 million or over $10,000 that actually goes unclaimed,” Galit Solomon told local media on Wednesday.

The Ontario Lottery Gaming Corporation’s rules state that all wins larger than $250,000 must be claimed through the OLG Prize Centre in downtown Toronto so consider this the final appeal to the lucky winner who is about to have his fortune tables turn.