Daily Fantasy Sports Once Again Under the Spotlight In Florida

Publish: 11.01.2018

The issue of daily fantasy sports has once again been actualized in Florida, almost half a year after the state’s upper and lower houses didn’t come to an agreement on the legalization of the game.

According to media reports, two Republican lawmakers are responsible for bringing up the question of daily fantasy sports regulation.

Game of Skill

Senator Dana Young introduced a bill title SB 374 last week, while this move was soon followed by a similar HB 223 bill, introduced by Rep. Jason Brodeur in the Sunshine State’s House of Representatives.

Both bills have one important thing in common: they both aim to categorize fantasy sports as a game of skill rather than a game of chance, which would make the game not subject to the current gambling laws in Florida.

The two proposals differ when it comes to the sports’ intended demographics.

At this point, it is difficult to predict the success of these bills in their respective chambers, while the first information report they will be discussed during the 2018 legislative session. This means we’ll have to wait at least until January before any of the two bills come into consideration.

Third Time the Charm

The issue of daily fantasy sports legalization in Florida is more than two and a half decades old. Back in 1991, the state’s then-acting attorney general gave his opinion on the subject, stating that charging fees for daily fantasy sports represented a breach of the state’s gambling laws.

The first plans to legalize DFS were introduced in 2015 when Joe Negron and Matt Gaetz proposed a bill similar to the one introduced in Illinois. However, the state’s Congress rejected it.

The second attempt was made by Rep. Jason Brodeur, who managed to clarify the legality of DFS with the filing of H149, but his proposal failed to regulate the sports in Florida.