Current Lottery Terminals Being Replaced by BCLC

Publish: 14.01.2018

In latest news, Novomatic Lottery Solutions (NLS) has obtained a contract from BCLC to replace its current lottery terminals due to being a successful vendor.

A thorough securement process has been conducted, as well as an evaluation, which has resulted in a conclusion that NLS deserves new lottery terminals in order to provide a better service to British Columbians.

Improvements Galore

Apart from lottery terminal devices, there will be other replacements to improve the Novomatic Lottery Solutions offering.

The software will be updated and stand-alone ticket checkers, printers and display units will be replaced with corresponding, new equipment. Lottery retailers across B.C. will benefit from this investment and players will enjoy a swift purchasing experience, improved functionality, as well as a more user-friendly interface throughout.

Since the current BCLC’s terminals are approaching the end of their lifespan at more than 12 years active, the replacement comes in great timing. This relevant business investment will contribute to BCLC’s sustainable growth and modernisation plan.

Agreement Worth $22M

Novomatic Lottery Solutions perfectly matches the arising needs of BCLC.

The package can be easily integrated and demonstrates exquisite flexibility, which is why it is one of the leading casino and eGaming solutions in the business. Being a proven vendor, NLS will surely deliver and serve BCLC devotedly in the future. It is said that value of the contract between BCLC and NLS is approximately $22 million, which speaks about how significant and promising the investment is.

In the years to come, BCLC will continue to offer socially responsible gambling entertainment, and any income generated by the casino and eGambling activities will come to benefit all the citizens of British Columbia. With said contract, BCLC ensures the importance of lottery among new players and existing customers. Novomatic and BCLC together are reinventing the term ‘playing for fun’ – making money is just a positive consequence.