Critics Pile Pressure on New Ontario Casino

Publish: 31.01.2017

After a period longer than an entire decade, the Canadian province of Ontario got its own brand-new casino.

Ontario’s Casino Excitement

There is a clear sense of excitement in the city of Belville as Shorelines Casino Belville opened its doors earlier in January.

The 48,000 square-foot gambling resort hires more than 300 casino staff members and is expected to make a significant contribution to the town’s funding via the casino allocation revenues which sees Canada’s provinces earn millions of dollars every year.

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation is making additional steps to introduce casino services in the province with Gateway Casinos & Entertainment Limited being selected as the service provider for the North and Southwest Gaming Bundles.

And as the citizens of North Bay expect the final decision on the casino of their own, which is expected to be open along the waterfront and is likely to yield close to 200 new jobs for the local residents, the excitement does not prevail in a town four-and-a-half hours away from Belville.

Contrasting Reactions

The potential arrival of a new casino – as well as the reaction of the newly-opened Shorelines Casino Belville – has seen a group of physicians express their concerns over the city’s plan to open a casino, claiming the wide-spread problem gambling implications are not to be ignored.

The city’s Chief Medical Officer of health, Dr. Jim Chirico revealed that Toronto Public Health agency has called Ontario to refrain from expanding gambling availability as a way to generate additional revenues.

Pointing out that problem gambling has adverse health implications, Dr. Jim Chirico is advising the governing gambling body to revise its decision and not to ignore the public health advices being passed on to the province of Ontario.

Aware their fight is doomed to start with, the city’s physicians are calling on the City to come up with a sustainable gambling program, which should be funded by the revenue expected to pour in from the new casino.