Criminal Hacking Group Spent Three Years Infiltrating Canadian Casinos

Publish: 22.06.2017

A criminal hacking group identified as FIN10 has spent three years infiltrating computers at several Canadian casinos.


Motivated by financial gain, the FIN10 hacking team stole sensitive data and held it for ransom with a couple of Canadian mining companies in addition to casinos, it is revealed. FIN10 took aim of sensitive files such would have been corporate records, private communications, and customer information.

After stealing the data from their victims’ computers, the hackers would demand ransom amounts that would go between 100 and 500 bitcoin, which translates into $35,000 up to £170,000.

The group would threaten to release some of the stolen data if victims failed to make payments within ten days, while they also threaten to mess up with the production systems so that casinos – or mining companies – would be unable to operate for a certain amount of time.

Under Fire Since 2013

Cybersecurity company FireEye reports the notorious hacking group went operational back in 2013 and continued until at least 2016, but it has not been identified before. FireEye failed to understand why the FIN10 group would target only Canadian mines and casinos.

According to Charles Prevost, one of the investigators involved in exposing the group claims that members of FIN10 all appeared to be native English speaker, despite attempts to appear otherwise. Country and exact location of the group was not determined as this aspect of any cybersecurity investigation remains the burning issue.

Some of the victims included Canadian casinos – the River Cree Resort and an Edmonton-based Casino – which were attacked in March 2016. The Cowboy’s Casino in Calgary was also under fire in June, whereas it was in November that the Casino Rama Resort, Ontario, admitted its security had been breached.

Earlier last week, some of the information stolen from the Cowboy’s Casino – customer’s personal information, gambling habits and payouts – was posted online.