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Couple from Ontario Nabs $26M Lotto Max Jackpot

Publish: 22.02.2017

Life will never be the same for Tricia Montminy, a human resource field worker, and Mike Montminy, a tire technician.

Movie-like scenario

Parents of two teenagers from Ontario became millionaires overnight in a dreamlike scenario which saw the husband, Mike, get up before work to check the lottery ticket purchased for the Friday night’s Max draw.

As he read the numbers in disbelief, Mike called his wife Tricia to doublecheck, before jumping in his vehicle to rush to Mac’s Milk where he ran the ticket through the OLG self-scanner.

And as the word ‘WINNER’ scrolled across the screen, Mike’s life got changed in a second and he and his wife became millionaires with $26,037,102.40 soon to claim as their own.

“I yelled at the clerk, ‘Check my ticket, check my ticket’. So he checked it and said ‘Oh my God sir, you won, you won.’ Then he asked me not to leave because the lottery office was going to call. They called right away, spoke to him, and spoke to me and told me everything we need to do”, exuberant Mike explained.

Lives changed in an instant

Mike called Tricia immediately and she drove to meet him at the store, from where they went on to share the good news with family and friends before offering their resignations to respective jobs.

With millions soon to land in their pockets, the Montminy family is making big plans for the future, promising to remain grounded and to make good use of their wealth. Mike and Tricia are expected to hire financial experts and try their best to keep their feet on the ground.

“We’ll probably get away for a couple of day, shut things off and think about what we want to do”, Mike said.

Congratulations to the Montminy family, as the rest of us can only hope of similar winnings and continue to test our like at some of the casinos for similar winnings.