Classic Roulette vs. Wheel of Riches Roulette

Publish: 18.01.2017

For centuries now, roulette has been one of the world’s favourite casino games, initially created in Europe and later introduced to land casinos. The game still defies trends without being altered too much and still occupies large numbers of players. We do live in a technologically advanced age, and thanks to the internet we can now take pleasure in spinning the wheel from the privacy and comfort of our homes.

The rules and format of roulette didn’t change significantly since it was invented, but since it was handed over to the visionary minds of online casino software developers we’ve had the chance to encounter more than a few variants of the popular table game – just to spice things up a bit! One of the most exciting versions is the Wheel of Riches roulette version. How does it compare to the old-school, traditional roulette?

The basics of the game remain the same. Both Classic and Wheel of Riches roulette consist of such requisites as a betting table, a large wheel divided in sections, and a small ball. The game’s results depend on the ball’s landing spot after the wheel has finished spinning, and of course, the player’s previously placed bet. However, there are some evident differences between these two casino games.

Traditional roulette features two colours, red and black. Wheel of Riches has four colours: red, blue, yellow and magenta. There are two black sections on the wheel in Wheel of Riches representing another thrilling addition to the standard game. These are labeled Spins and Bonus, which stands for a Free Spins bonus game and a Multiplier bonus game, respectively. So, the modern colourful version has 39 pockets in total, as opposed to the regular 37 and two special features, which is quite common in slots, but unusual for roulette.

The traditional spinning wheel has its undeniable charms, but obviously the new version has attractions of its own as well. Try them both in popular online casinos for Canadian players.