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Casino de Montreal to Celebrate Its 25th Birthday Next Month

Publish: 15.07.2019
The provincial crown corporation Loto-Quebec will celebrate the 25th birthday of its Casino de Montreal this year, while the party is scheduled to start on July 31!

According to available information, the festivities will last for a whole month, and all players are invited to join in on the fun.

The live celebrations will be held near St. Lawrence River and will include a fireworks display and the showing of popular movies. In addition to this, Loto-Quebec, who recently reported a 3.1% increase in revenues, plans a number of other events.

The birthday celebration will come to an end on August 24, after nearly a month of live entertainment, food and snacks.

Casino de Montreal to Celebrate Its 25th Birthday Next Month

Looking Forward to Two Venues

We know the live entertainment will be hosted by two venues, Place des Canotiers in Quebec and Quai Paquet, located in Levis. Both these venues have spectacular views and there’s no doubt they’ll be able to provide enough space for all those who plan to join the celebrations.

Those wanting to get the best possible seats in the house will have an option to purchase special paid tickets, who should go on sale in the coming period.

The entertainment starts at 9 p.m. on each of the evenings, which means everyone will have enough time to make their way to one of the two venues. The evening kicks off with a dance show, followed by fireworks and a movie, while food will be available throughout the events.

August 14 will be a really special day. The festivities will welcome the royal ballroom-themed dance show based on the blockbuster Bond film Casino Royale. Then on August 17, it will be more of the same, but this time around, the movie The Fifth Element will be the theme for the spectacular dance entertainment for the evening.

The operator has obviously put a lot of thought and effort into creating a very enjoyable experience for everyone attending the birthday festivities.

Exciting Period for Loto-Quebec

Last month, Loto-Quebec published its Annual Report for fiscal 2018-2019, revealing the crown corporation recorded a rise in revenue and income during this period.

According to available information, Loto-Quebec generated $2.817 billion in revenue, which represented an improvement of 3.1% when compared to the previous fiscal year.

At the same time, the corporation’s net income went up by $72.7 million to $1.408 billion – a neat increase of 5.4%.

June was a very special month for Loto-Quebec, as a Montreal family won a staggering $65 million Lotto Max jackpot, the largest lottery prize in the history of Canada.

Founded back in 1969 with a goal of implementing a public lottery, this Quebec government corporation was given the mandate to operate games of chances in the province. Since then, the Government of Quebec has given the crown corporation new mandates, which diversified its activities.

With a network of more than 9,800 retailers, Loto-Quebec’s offer also includes instant lotteries, traditional paper ticket lotteries, and online or direct access lotteries such as Lotto 6/49, Lotto Max, Québec 49 and sports betting lotteries.