Canadian Woman Forced to Forfeit Winnings After Self-Barring Herself from Casino

Pasqua DiGianni from Canada still remembers that night two years ago when she hit a rather bad roll on the slot machines at Seneca Niagara Casino.

Unlucky Night

It started off nicely as she had initially won a jackpot, but ultimately ended up losing most of it back because she simply wouldn’t stop gambling. The night eventually resulted in Pasqua DiGianni signing a document barring herself from the casino.

Still, two years forward and the woman from Woodbridge, Ontario, decided to return to Niagara Falls casino for the first time since the notorious incident.

DiGianni spent more than $600 into a single machine before finally hitting the $1,400 jackpot.

Heading over to the cashiers to claim her prize, she met a disappointing refusal from casino management who even called the Niagara Falls police and got herself charged with trespassing.

Surprising Development

Little did she know that the self-imposed casino ban was still in full effect despite claiming that she had received a letter last year inviting her to return. The woman, unfortunately, was unable to locate the letter in question.

“Two years ago, I signed out, because I won the jackpot and I wasn’t winning anymore. I gave it back, almost all, and then I signed out. But when I received the letter that they wanted me to go back, I was surprised too. They could have warned me, they could have said ‘I’m sorry. Next time don’t come’.”, DiGianni commented.

The 69-year-old lady said she played the same $1 slot machine and that she went to the cashiers on several occasions to get money, prior to heading over to cash out.

“”If I didn’t win that jackpot, they wouldn’t know anyway (that I was there),” she said.

DiGianni now faces a Monday court date before Niagara Falls City Judge Danielle M. Restino on the trespassing violation and claims she will go there to explain her innocence to the judge.