Canadian Officials Arrest Nine in Illegal Gambling Probe

Publish: 14.06.2017

Nine people have been arrested after a criminal circle has been broken in Metro Vancouver.

The British Columbia’s anti-gang task force performed a year-long criminal investigation which revealed that millions of dollars were illegally laundered in illegal gaming houses in the city.

Illegal Gaming

A probe into a criminal organization was launched in May 2016 within the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit, which carried out an investigation into money laundering for drug traffickers, loan sharking, kidnappings, extortions, and other violent acts.

The investigation is being conducted by the CFSEU’s new Joint Illegal Gaming Investigation Team, which includes members of the provincial government’s Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch.

“During the investigation, it was apparent there were multiple roles filled by different people which enabled or facilitated the organization in laundering large amounts of money through casinos,” said Kevin Hackett, the RCMP assistant commissioner in charge of CFSEU.

The alleged criminal group is believed to be linked across Canada, but with ties to mainland China and other countries.

With the investigation still underway, the investigators offered little information about the criminal operation. Kevin Hackett did say that none of the people arrested is in police custody and that no charges have been laid.

More Arrests to Follow

The RCMP assistant commissioner, however, expects more arrests to be made.

Hackett would not identify the casinos where money laundering had taken place but went on to reveal that three out of four illegal gambling houses have thus far been identified. At least one of those illegal gaming venues is located in Richmond, Hackett said.

Six homes have thus far been searched and cash, drugs, cell phones, computers, luxury vehicles were seized during the search. Around 200 people were believed to be working on this case at the height of the entire operation.