Canadian Gaming Company eQube Unveils Hand Held Tablet

One of the leading providers of electronic bingo software and hardware in the world, Canada’s own eQube Gaming, has come forward with an innovative product called the Hand Held Tablet.

eQube Innovation

Described as a cure for live gaming operators seeking customer-friendly ways to deliver new content, the eQube Hand Held Tablet is currently available with either Windows or Android operating systems.

The new gadget is already in the hands of more than 15,000 people across North America, proudly operating the traditional Bingo and gaming content.

eQube originally developed their Hand Held Tablet to meet the needs of Bingo operators, but the device has proven to be rather versatile. It now allows providers to deliver a wider range of content and opens doors to a non-core gaming landscape.

Hand Held Tablet

Hand Held Tablet is described as an answer to operators’ searches for cost-effective, portable devices with high-resolution screens and reliability on a substantial period of time between charging.

“The device had to be robust enough, have exceptional battery life and be able to withstand the rigours of use across the world’s gaming floors. It must “do what it is asked to do” by a discerning, increasingly tech savvy, customer in all aspects of its operation. It must also be technically sophisticated enough to support content from all the world’s premier software and content providers”, eQube CEO John Purcell explained.

The eQube Hand Hel Tablet comes with plenty of features among which are optional programmable LED screen surroundings, ‘Halo’ for visual effect, fully adjustable kick stand, LED lights in the carrying handle which indicate the power and connectivity status, the contactless charging and many more.

In other news related to the Edmonton-based electronic bingo provider, eQube Gaming has recently announced an update on its Board of Directors.

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