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Canadian Gamers Preview Nintendo Switch in Toronto

Publish: 29.01.2017

Nintendo Switch will not be available for purchase for another month or so as the new console will be released on March 3, but a selection of Canada’s video game enthusiasts were given a sneak preview this weekend in Toronto.

The event was held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and the main idea was to persuade potential buyers that the company’s latest gaming console is worth the wait.

Nintendo Switch Can Be Played on the Go

Keeping up with the latest trends, Nintendo created a portable console that looks like your average tablet, and while it can be placed in a docking station at home, Switch can be carried and enjoyed on the move as well.

The console features Joy-Cons, a new type of controllers that can be used by two different players or in single-player mode, as well as many other enhancements expected to improve the overall gaming experience.

Nintendo had enjoyed huge success with their Wii console back in 2006, selling more than 100 million of those, but its successor Wii U only made 13 million sales, so no doubt that the company now hopes to see better results from Switch.

New Games and Old Classics

There will be around 80 new games released for Nintendo Switch as around 50 developers are currently working on getting those titles ready for the launch.

Arms, 1-2 Switch, Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Edition and Snipperclips are some of the games  Nintento fans will be able to enjoy, and we will learn about the other titles soon enough.

It remains to be seen whether the new console will prove a hit with gamers from Canada and other parts of the world, and we will not have to wait too long as Nintendo Switch will be available in stores on March 3.