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Canada’s Gambling Revolution is Still Evolving

Canadians may have been playing card and casino games since the 1500’s and the first casino’s as we know them did not start out until the early 90’s, popping up in Winnipeg then Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan.

For the record the fabled and unique Diamond Tooth Gertie’s Gambling Hall in the Yukon – a ‘not for profit’ casino where patrons can gamble, drink alcohol and watch live entertainment in the same room – is officially Canada’s first casino, it opened in 1971.

Canada’s Gambling Revolution is Still Evolving

The Crystal Casino in Winnipeg was the first permanent government-owned casino in the Western Hemisphere, its roulette wheels started spinning in 1990. 

Now, almost 30 years later the landscape is very different, densely populated with scores of land-based casinos are available to Canadian residents. BC River Rock Casino Resort (opened in 2004), Alberta’s River Cree Resort & Casino (2006), Windsor Caesars Hotel & Casino of Ontario (1998), Quebec’s Casino de Montreal (1993) and Casino Niagara of Ontario (1996) are notable landmarks.

Increased revenue but an attitude shift 

There are now over 100 recognised casinos across Canada, many of which are within racetracks and a 2018 report shows 2017 gambling profits in Canada amounted to a staggering CA$17.3 billion. Ontario and its capital Toronto led the nation with CA$7,445 billion in revenue, almost 43% of the country’s total. 

The province has 28 casinos but they only contributed a small amount to the total profits as the report combined revenue from those land-based casinos as well as lotteries, charitable gaming and, of course, online sportsbooks and casinos. 

Online gambling is taking an ever increasing market share within a marketplace which is rapidly growing as more and more people chose gambling as a pastime. Many believe online gaming’s success is due to the anonymity it gives its players and its 24/7 availability without the need to leave your home. But a better explanation is it’s ‘one stop/shop’ status.  

Put simply, no brick and mortar racetrack, casino, slots hall or lottery sales point offer every means of gambling under one roof. However, the best online betting sites, such as bet365 which garners 40 million customers worldwide, can. Everything from Blackjack to Baccarat, Sports Betting to global Lotteries, Virtual Sports to multi-player Poker Tournaments, Keno to Bingo are all under one virtual roof.

Furthermore winnings are paid instantly without irksome checks and verification and those cash profits can be back in your pocket via numerous electronic transfer methods faster than ever.