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Canada Needs to Legalise Sports Betting, Says MP Ramsey

Publish: 05.12.2018
The sports betting industry is growing across the United States, following the historical decision of the US Supreme Court earlier this year, which ended the federal ban on wagering on sports and gave states the right to decide themselves whether they would offer this service to their residents or not.

Now, it seems the implications of this decision could cross the country’s northern border.

A Canadian lawmaker has recently expressed his intention to push the piece of legislation that will legalise sports betting.

According to MP Tracey Ramsey, Canada needs to get a share of the growing sports betting industry as soon as possible.

Tackling Sports Betting

The whole issue of sports betting has recently been brought up by David Cassidy, president of union Unifor Local 444, during a meeting with Chrystia Freeland, the country’s Foreign Affairs Minister. Cassidy used to opportunity to emphasise the importance the legalisation would have on the economy, as it would lead to more jobs.

Canada Needs to Legalise Sports Betting, Says MP Ramsey
In a recent interview for Windsor Star, MP Tracey Ramsey stated the legalisation would curb black markets and provide additional revenue to deal with gambling addiction. She also said she didn’t really understand the resistance to something that would create jobs across Canada.

Cassidy also believes legalising sports betting is something that needs to be done urgently, especially since the US has already made significant progress in this area.

Cassidy, whose constituency has union members from the gambling industry, singled out Michigan as the state that would soon be making wagering on sports legal. Commenting on this, he pointed out Canada was going to be behind once again, as right across the ditch, Michigan was going forward with sports betting.

To Fail Is Not an Option

Cassidy used Caesar Windsor in Ontario as an example of why Canada needed a new piece of legislation. In order to get 150 new jobs in this venue, the present provincial law needs to be amended. He pointed out this was a decade old problem that needed to be addressed.

Back in 2016, there was an attempt made by MP Brian Masse to allow single-game sports betting, but his proposal didn’t receive enough votes. Back then, Masse claimed that illegal sports betting was a huge market worth more than $7.5 billion on a yearly basis.

Cassidy intends not to repeat Masse’s mistakes. He already contacted Prime Minister Trudeau a month ago, informing him about his proposal.

Cassidy said he will be doing lobbying efforts – both front and centre – along with members of the hospitality sector, as the current ban had negative effects on the industry.

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