Calgary Stampede Lottery has Winners Running Wild with Whopping Wins

Publish: 01.08.2017

It turned out to be quite a fortunate roll for a couple of Albertans, who have come away with almost $2.5 million in prizes combined from the Calgary Stampede lottery.

Brand-New Home

A series of life-changing events saw Donald Wakelam from Nanton claim a whopping $938,375 dream home with four bedrooms built in a Scandinavian style, whereas Airdrie’s Donna Wilshusen split the $1,650,865 Split’em 50 jackpot for a check for a $825,423 payout.

Donald Wakelam is yet to come with terms of what happened to him and still remembers the exact moment his wife found out about the win.

“My wife was watching (the results) on the news and I hear a blood-curdling scream. I thought something happened to one of the kids so I went running into the room and she was running around (saying) ‘we won a house! We won a house.’”, he said.

A regular lottery ticket buyer, Donald Wakelam confessed he is yet to see the house but admits he has already taken several virtual tours. The winner of a 2,580 sq. ft. home will get to enter his new home in November when the house will be ready.

Almost a $1 million Prize

Donna Wilshusen attempted to go on with her life as if nothing had happened and is still finding the whole prize unbelievable.

“I still can’t comprehend that my ticket can be drawn out of thousands and thousands.”, said the winner of $825,423 who is yet to decide on what to do with the winnings.

The Stampede Lotteries are known as a project supportive of local charities through the Kinsmen Club of Calgary, the Calgary Stampede and the Rotary Club of Calgary South.