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Calgary Residents Starts Retirement in Style With $4.7M Lotto Win

Publish: 20.08.2017

One can hardly imagine a better way to begin retirement than with a multi-million lottery win.

A Perfect Retirement Gift

This dream-like scenario happened to John Ghitan from Calgary who is coming off from a $4.762,198 windfall on the July 29 Lotto 6/49 draw.

John thought his eyes were playing tricks with him as underlined the numbers. Having double-checked everything, he still thought he was seeing the wrong numbers.

“Am I looking at the right game? Do I have the wrong date?”, he asked himself as his numbers popped up.

Winning a lottery prize close to $5 million is the perfect beginning to Ghitan’s retirement. The lucky Calgary winner is without an elaborate plan for his winnings, but one thing is sure – he will be celebrating the success with friends in France.

This long-term lottery player saw his persistence pay off after getting a free ticket play he had won on a previous draw. Having gone on back-to-back wins, John Ghitan had problems believing he has just won the life-changing amount.

Winning Numbers

Ghitan bought his winning ticket in the Bowmart Food Store in Calgary’s northwest area.

The winning numbers were; 12, 15, 17, 31, 47 and 49.

Interestingly enough, John Ghitan became the sixth Calgary resident to win a prize worth over $1 million this year alone. He is also the 20th winner from Alberta.

John’s prize was only one-half of the total $9.3 million jackpot. The other half of the prize was won by a ticket holder in Ontario who is yet to come forward to claim the winnings.

Hopefully, they will do it in due time. There is of course still plenty of time to do so.