Calgary Co-Workers Share $1M Lottery Win

Publish: 02.03.2017

This is what co-working spirit is all about.

Four Calgary co-workers have decided to demonstrate what it means to be a team player as they decided to split the $1 million prize from the February Lotto Max draw.

MaxMillions are additional $1 million prizes which are drawn when the Lotto Max Jackpot reaches $50 million. MaxMillions draws are separate from the main Jackpot Draw which means that the Canadian Lotto players have even more millions to win with the OLG Lottery.

And for co-workers from Calgary, it is a dream beginning of the new year as they scooped a whopping prize they will split in four even portions.

Big Win

Valerie Pinard bought lotto tickets for her and her co-workers at Sheffield Express, only to find that one of them was the winning one as she scanned the tickets morning after the draw.

Upon realization that their group ticket scooped the big prize worth $1 million, Valerie Pinard contacted the rest of the group to share the good news.

“We met up later that day, because no one could believe it”, Pinard said in a press release.

Valerie Pinard and her colleagues Timothy Jones, Edith Sokolowski and Phyllis Dicks will each pocket $250,000 as the $1 million prize get shared equally among all four winners.

Modest Plans

Pinard said she plans to use her share of the one-million prize to pay off her mortgage and get a new truck.

Other winners from the group have plans which are not that different as they all have bill payment plans, house payments and travel agendas on their minds.

“I don’t think any of us want to do anything crazy. It helps take some of the pressure off, but winning the lottery is a dream come true”, Valerie Pinard said.