Burnaby Lotto Millionaire Plans to Get his Wife New Kitchen

Publish: 12.04.2017

You have just won a whopping $25.9 million prize.

What do you do?

If you ask Marcello Battison, an 81-year-old lotto winner from Burnaby, the answer he would give you is quite simple.

You take a deep breath, keep a tight handle on the win and build your wife a new kitchen.

Lotto Max Winner

Marcello Battison won nearly $26 million on the Lotto Max jackpot on 10 March, but did not come forward to claim his prize until three days ago, when he was presented with his cheque.

The 81-year-old Burnaby resident claims it took his this long to claim the winnings because he needed to make plans with his family and set a plan for the grand prize. A father of two, Marcello Battison is a grandfather to five children and he has got a big family to take care of with his windfall.

Former tradesman, who also spend 26 years working with B.C. Hydro retired six years was in utter disbelief when he found out that he had won.

“I asked the clerck who checked my ticket, ‘Did I win $5?’ the cleck said, ‘No, you won the whole jackpot.’ It was amazing. My wife didn’t believe it. But I’ve always been lucky. I have more than enough money to live comfortably and help the family”, Battison said.

New Kitchen Planned

The 81-year-old multimillionaire plans to go on a well-deserved holiday to Hawaii and make a trip to Italy, his original home before immigrating to Canada 61 years ago. He also plans to get his loved one a new kitchen.

“She wants a new kitchen and I want a bigger one too.”, he said.

As for the bulk of his wealth, Battison will put it ‘in a safe place’.