Betting Industry Suffers Great Losses from Matched Betting

Publish: 18.01.2017

Experienced Canadian bettors will be well familiar with the term, but for those who have not heard about Matched Betting before – an explanation is in order.

With the emergence of sport betting and its global growth, plenty of bettors and tipsters are constantly looking for ways to secure their bets and calculate a method that would help them win.

As a technique revolving around the use of a mathematical equation instead of pure chance and guts guesses for placing a bet, Matched Betting increases the return rate on the free bets offered by sportsbooks around the globe.

Often also referred to as Lay Betting, the technique is thought to have become a burning issue in the business and while some betting operators tackle the problem by offering their own lay betting – such as Betfair – and present the players with an opportunity to take the role of a bookmaker to try and sell their bet instead of backing it in order to increase their chances of not losing, others are yet to find the viable solution.

Matched Betting as a growing issue in the betting business has become a hot topic for plenty of betting advice sites and social media channels as well, which all offer help on how to become good at applying the technique to secure profit.

The method has invoked the abundance of matched betting sites which also offer guidelines and advices on how to go about with the practice unnoticed and avoid becoming ineligible for free bets and promotional offers.

Many of those advice sites will include paid subscription and members of the betting business are not too keen on the global emergence they refer to as ‘organized bonus abuse’.

The effects of matched Betting have recently been examined and are reported to be costing the betting industry up to £20 million every month.

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