BCLC Still Offering In-Person Lottery Ticket Sales Despite the Outbreak

Although British Columbia is experiencing a slight increase in the number of cases of COVID-19, the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) doesn’t plan to stop in-person lottery ticket sales in the province.

According to a statement made by the provincial crown corporation, in-person lottery ticket sales should provide additional support from the local gambling community. Paper tickets and instant lottery products will therefore still be available to customers, while lottery tickets will be also be made available for purchase at PlayNow.com website.

As of April 1st, there are 1,013 cases in the province, while the authorities say the province will stay under restrictions probably until the summer.

BCLC Still Offering In-Person Lottery Ticket Sales despite the Outbreak

Several Measures Have Been Implemented So Far

In these difficult times, BCLC continues to provide its support to various programs and charities. The crown corporation is involved in a number of operations taking place across British Columbia, as the global Coronavirus pandemic continues.

BCLC has already announced that the sales of Lotto MAX and Lotto 6/49 tickets will continue at retail locations across the B.C. The same goes for scratch games offered by BCLC. The customers are advised to take all recommended measures to protect themselves and others while purchasing their tickets. BCLC has also given them the possibility to buy a ticket without leaving their homes – online via the PlayNow.com website.

Players can also buy their tickets using the Lotto mobile app, which is at the moment available only for iOS. BCLC also pointed out that each retail location could decide on its own whether or it would continue with its everyday operations. Following the last week’s directions made by the Provincial Health Officer, Lotto Express machines were suspended until further notice.

Prize Payout Centres Won’t Pay Out Prizes Exceeding C$2,000

BCLC also modified the existing Lottery Advance Buy options as an additional precaution measure, introducing certain changes when it comes to players eligible for lottery payouts exceeding C$2,000. Players winning larger payouts will not be able to withdraw their prizes at centers in Vancouver and Kamloops, and will have to wait a bit before taking a photo with the prize cheque.

At this moment, there is no information until when will this measure be in effect. Prize payout centres have been closes due to the mandatory practice of social distancing, introduced in venues across the province, which is a measure aimed at increasing players’ safety and slowing down the spread of the disease.

Until the global outbreak comes to an end, the only gaming activity where players can take part in – is online. All land-based gaming venues in the province ceased their operation on March 16, following a directive issued Attorney General and later announced by the Provincial Health Officer. According to this directive, all casinos, bingo hall, and community gaming centres in British Columbia will have to stay closed during the pandemic outbreak, completely stopping their everyday work with customers.

Atlantic Lottery Corporation has also announced its intention to allow in-person lottery ticket sales despite the current crisis.