BCLC and INTRALOT Inked an Important New Five-Year Agreement

The British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) has announced the signing of a new contract with the gaming and lottery supplier INTRALOT.


Thanks to the latest agreement, the renowned supplier will enter the Canadian market for the first time. Under the provisions of the new five-year deal, INTRALOT’s US subsidiary will offer BCLC its new lottery central system powered by the company’s Lotos X platform.

According to available information, the agreement can be extended up to another 6 years.

Updating the Business

The move represents the provincial crown corporation’s latest steps in its efforts to replace the current lottery terminals and systems.  

A public procurement process for new lottery terminals and software was completed two years ago when BCLC inked an agreement with Novomatic Lottery Solutions (NLS). However, back in October last year, the two sides agreed to assign the contract to INTRALOT, as the company was already working on the project as a supplier of terminal hardware.

At the beginning of this year, BCLC completed a public procurement process for another component of the project – Gaming Engine Services – once again choosing INTRALOT as its partner.

As we’ve already pointed out, BCLC plans to replace its lottery terminals and systems, as both are pretty much outdated. The former ones are almost a decade and a half old, and although they have proven to be reliable throughout the years, their modernization represents a necessary move. By replacing legacy terminals and system, BCLC will further modernize its business, ensuring success and sustained revenue in future.  

During the process of modernization, BLCL will get new lottery terminals, stand-alone ticket checkers, printers and display units, as well as a number of related software systems. If all goes according to plans, the project should be up and running in fiscal 2021/22, supporting the needs of both retailers and players by offering them a seamless and functional experience, as well as a more user-friendly terminal.

An Important Milestone for the Athens-Listed Company

INTRALOT is one of the leading names when it comes to supplying gaming solutions to companies around the world. The supplier has recently launched its latest generation of products, which will be used to support BLCL and its efforts to improve the lottery experience for its customers.

The new lottery terminals and systems, and Game Engine Service agreement BCLC has inked with INTRALOT is worth $24.5 million and has already been made a part of the corporation’s capital budget all through to fiscal 2021/22.

In fiscal 2017/18 BCLC recorded a gross revenue of $1.13 billion.

Commenting on the new deal, Nikos Nikolakopoulos, INTRALOT’s Group Deputy Chief Executive Officer, said his company was pleased to have been awarded by BCLC with a new contract to deliver its next-generation solutions which would drive players’ engagement and transform their playing experience.

Nikolakopoulos added the agreement represented a significant milestone for INTRALOT entering the Canadian market, offering its industry-leading product portfolio to enable long-term innovation and constant growth, ultimately generating more revenue for the benefit of the Province of British Columbia community.