Backstageplay to Launch New Social Gaming Platform

Canadian software development company Backstageplay has announced plans to introduce a unique social gaming platform designed to help music artists increase revenue through interaction with the fans.

The Vancouver-based operator has presented a white label solution that offers music stars a chance to further boost their earnings via customized social media games.

Climb the leaderboard and win nice prizes

Fans are invited to visit the artists’ responsive websites and take part in said games, where they will be awarded points for the number of visits and their gaming achievements, thus climbing the leaderboards.

While improving their communication with their music idols, the fans also earn points and qualify for prizes on daily, weekly and monthly basis, so this seems like a win-win situation for both artists and their groupies.

Backstageplay will obviously take their share of the profit generated this way from the artists’ cut and they will be responsible for operating the platform, performing regular updates and managing the entire process.

How to take part

You can visit the backstageplay website here and learn more about the unique platform, the business model and basically everything there is to know about the company’s latest product that is expected to take the music industry by storm.

From what we have gathered so far, the artists only need to promote the Backstageplay gamesroom via their website and social media, whereas the fans will perform the lion’s share of work, spending hours playing the games to try and win nice prizes that will include various merchandise, music and video downloads, backstage passes, concert tickets and more.