Baazov’s Lawyers Demand Charges Dismissed

Publish: 02.12.2017

The legal team of David Baazov, Amaya Gaming former Chief Executive Officer, has filed a motion asking the Court of Quebec to drop the charges against their client.

Baazov’s lawyers claim the prosecution has failed to bring the case to trial in a timely manner. The court will hear the defense motion on December 11.

Waiting For the Trial

David Baazov was charged with insider trading by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) back in March 2106, along two other defendants. The charges were focused on the irregularities surrounding the Amaya share price in the period leading up to PokerStars acquisition of the Toronto-based company.

The trial is scheduled to begin on December 11, although it was originally set to take place on November 20. The prosecutors allegedly waited until September 21 to turn over an important piece of evidence to the defense.

The piece of evidence in question is a hard drive containing 16 million documents related to the Project Bronze, which is a separate investigation of an alleged bribery scheme involving several Baazov’s associates and his brothers Josh/Ofer. Baazov’s lawyers stated it would take too much time to organize the data on the drive and too little time to analyze the said documents.

More Time Needed

One of the lawyers, Sophie Melchers, said the AMF was completely disorganized and too slow when it came to handing over the evidence to the defense.

If the trial starts on December 11, the final verdict won’t be reached before the summer. In the meantime, Baazov’s legal team stated they would need at least six months to examine the entire data, citing the AMF’s actions as the main reason for the current delay.

A couple of months ago, the AMF revealed that Baazov was a cover his brother, whom the AMF believed it was Amaya’s real owner.

After Baazov sold his stake in Amaya this summer, the company moved from Montreal to Toronto and changed its name to The StarsGroup.