B.C. Lottery Corp. Suffer Big Loss on Three-Day Conference

Publish: 09.03.2017

You need to invest in order to gain, that is at least what all the unwritten laws of business teach us, but the B.C. Lottery Corporation will have been left scratching their heads over the bill behind its three-day New Horizons in Responsible Gambling conference in 2016.

Documents obtained through a Freedom of Information which were revealed by the direct request of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation have revealed that the company spent the total of $208,642.

Important Event

According to B.C. Lottery Corporation spoke person Angela Koulyras, the company pays for this annual conference out of its $9.5 million budget to support responsible gambling, which is only a small share of $1.3 billion B.C. Lottery Corporation streams through gambling revenues and into the provincial government each year.

The fifth edition of the Responsible Gambling Conference held at the Vancouver Convention Centre back in 2016 actually cost $328,093, but the B.C. Lottery Corp. pocketed $73,800 in sponsorship deals and another $45,652 in registration fees which saw the total loss downsized to aforementioned amount of $208,642.

In order to defend the cause, Koulyras explains that B.C. Lottery Corporation is not a company which sells a product but an organization which organizes events that act as ‘development and learning opportunities’.

Development Opportunities

In addition, she revealed that the United States giants MGM emerged from this year’s conference with an idea to adopt B.C. Lottery Corp.’s Game Sense program which resulted in a partnership that will see MGM include the awareness program at 17 of its properties.

To put numbers in perspective, documents also revealed that the B.C. Lottery Corp. lost $138,000 in 2015, which came as significant difference to $57,000 loss on the 2014 conference.

Koulyras revealed that this year’s conference, just recently-ended 2017 edition is expected to cost less than $140,000 with more sponsors enlisted and all of the sponsorship deals.