Atlantic Lottery Corporation Wants to Improve Its Gaming Revenue

Atlantic Lottery Corporation wants to offer its customers more ways to enjoy iGaming, while at the same time keeping the social distancing as recommended by the authorities.

One of the main goals for Atlantic Canada’s crown corporation in this tumultuous period is to enable the growth of its gambling revenue. This should be done by improving the current betting offering, and it’s exactly what ALC is doing at the moment.

Players can now wager on new sporting events, such as Taiwanese basketball league and Ukrainian table tennis tournaments.

Atlantic Lottery Corporation Wants to Improve Its Gaming Revenue

Keeping the Offer Fresh

However, keeping players engaged while almost every major competition and sporting even in the world has been cancelled or postponed, is not an easy task. More and more players have been exploring online gambling options as the global outbreak of COVID-19 closes gaming facilities. The increase in online activities has given operators more opportunities for growth in these dire times… the only question is whether they can seize the opportunity.

When it comes to Canada, land-based casinos and gaming halls have been closed since mid-March, which will certainly have a significant impact on the gaming revenue once all the quarter financials are updated.

Online gaming – in all its forms – could bring the much-needed boost in revenue, while sports betting could prove to be a crucial factor in the efforts to improve the numbers. That’s why ALC wants to diversify its sports betting offering, and adding more events and tournaments is the right way to do so.

The list of new events on offer includes Nicaraguan soccer and the Outlaw Tour golf. All in all, making the current offering more diversified is sure to have a positive impact on the quarter performance, and should boost the gaming revenue figures.

Commenting on the current market situation, Senior Communications Counsel at ALC, Jennifer Tuls, stated a diversified offer was the perfect way to attract players.

Supporting Online Gaming

Atlantic Lottery Corporation will continue to give its full support to online gaming, while at the same time giving its maximum to meet all expectations. A portion of revenue is given to all the provinces of Atlantic Canada, which means that more revenue equals more money for local communities. New Brunswick, as well as other Atlantic provinces, did feel the impact of video lottery terminals closure in the recent weeks.

So far, 6,200 video lottery terminals have been turned off, and this move will surely impact the quarter results, as VLTs can account for 50% of the total revenue. Translated into hard currency, that nearly C$1.1 million – every day! When gaming lockdown was introduced, it was estimated it would last up to 2 weeks, but a month later, the lockdown is still on.

Also, the sales of lottery tickets are virtually impossible at some locations, and the Crown corporations are advising their customers to buy their tickets online. However, this lead to a decline in the sales, with recent Lotto MAX draws seeing almost a 50% decline in ticket sales, when compared to January this year.