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Almost Half of BCLC’s PlayNow Revenue Earned From 619 players

Publish: 26.02.2017

A staggering 46% of online revenue made by the gambling site operated by the government of the British Columbia, comes from 5% of its players.

The research was conducted by the University of British Columbia (UBC), which gave a detailed insight into a single month statistics of PlayNow, a website owned and operated by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC).

5% of PlayNow players make all the difference

During the month of June 2015, PlayNow welcomed 41,041 users, who made 48 million bets with $118 million in play between them.

The average online casino player was quite busy that month, with 763 bets made, while the average lottery player made only 9 bets.

When it comes to wagering, it seems there are quite a few high rollers among online casino players. Just 619 players – a 5% of the total number of casino players – accounted for 45.9% of all casino earnings. That’s 12,594 bets per month, or some 420 bets on a daily basis!

Is BCLC failing to properly address gambling problems?

These results led to accusations the BCLC was gaining large sums of money from problem gamblers, although there were no info on statistics from the brick and mortar casinos run by the government of this Canadian province.

Another UBC study suggests BCLC needs to improve the implementation of its responsible gambling program, especially online, since a tiny fraction of its users makes almost half of the casino revenue.

This may well be the reason why BCLC signed a new licensing agreement with MGM Resorts International. The deal was struck at New Horizons Responsible Gambling Conference, held in British Columbia, with the main objective being the promotion of responsible gaming.